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Lately my anxiety has been through the roof, and nearly reaching the stratosphere. I used to have anxiety all the time; I even took medication for panic attacks. At some point in my life my anxiety level really mellowed out. Unfortunately, I fear, it has returned.

Marriage is wonderful in many ways, and in many ways it is very difficult. The experts say it is something you have to continuously work at. With all of life’s daily stresses, now you add books, classes, and counseling to the mix. Sometimes you’re working at it, and your spouse is not so much, and other times, vice versa. Ideally, there would be synchrony between two spouses. This is easier said than done.

I believe that marriage is worth fighting for. This is more or less a rant of sorts to clear my head and calm my nerves. I was once given the advice to write a list (regardless of how long or short) of things I liked about my wife. I was then instructed to go back to this list and focus on the things I liked whenever I am having negative feelings about her or the state of our marriage. Admittedly, after some time, I forgot about this exercise until now. I want to revive this exercise openly, and eventually share my results in hope that not only will my marriage be stronger, but that others could find this useful as well.

Things I Love About My Wife

– She is tender hearted & compassionate towards others
– She is a loving, dedicated mother
– She is a hard worker
– She is quite beautiful

Things That Reduce My Anxiety

I feel a list of things that I find calming is helpful with dealing with anxiety as well. I am hoping that writing it down will help me, as I don’t always remember things when I am bombarded by anxious thoughts.

– Going for a walk
– Fishing & Camping
– Photography
– Writing
– Reading (Not The News!)


From here on out I am committing myself to focus on the things in both lists when confronted with marriage/anxiety issues. Later, I’ll share the results.

End Of Rant