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I am writing this in response to all of the garbage I have seen lately defaming heroes who have fought for the protections, freedoms, and rights of others. I call it garbage because it lacks any intelligible cogent statements.

As grotesque as war can be; without it, everyday life would likely be far worse. Without wars there would be no America, we would have no rights or freedoms, (freedom of speech which some choose to use to spread hate and to defame heroes), a right granted to us only by the very Heroes themselves who each gave some, and some gave all. Without war, enemies of humanity such as Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Emperor Hirohito, Saddam Hussein, et cetera would not have been stopped.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
― Edmund Burke

I am not stating that war is good, nor am I stating that it is bad. I am simply saying that at times all throughout history, war was/is/will be necessary, at the very least to be the lesser of two or more evils. For example, if we take a look at WWII, it should be clear to those who are not morally inept that those who fought against the evils of Nazi Germany and the Pacific War did what needed to be done for the sake of a better tomorrow for all who are friends of humanity.

One problem we face today is that there are people of influence who are more sympathetic to the enemy than to the ones who are on their side fighting for them. This may be for a number of reasons political, monetary, religious ideologies, et al. The problem comes when a lazy, entitled, ignorant mass follows on every word of these so called leaders, without taking the time to exercise their brains and think for themselves. They are only parroting what they hear, they fight for something they don’t really understand, and become violent and belligerent when questioned about their stance.