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Culture is so ubiquitous, it permeates every aspect of our lives. As vitally important as knowledge of cultures and their respective sub-cultures are, many of us remain rather ignorant. To be fair, culture is a multifaceted subject that takes substantial time to understand. Cultural Anthropologists often spend their entire lives studying one particular culture and its’ respective sub-cultures. Though it would be absurd to expect everyone to become experts so to speak, it would not be so absurd to expect that most of us can at the very least, re-examine our perspectives that may be clouded by nonsensical stereotypes. In fact, that is exactly what I hope to accomplish with this blog as I continue learning myself. In my opinion, stereotypes are lazy, hurtful, and often incorrect. The differences between a culture and its’ sub-cultures, and even the differences between the individuals within these, can be as disparate as night is from day.